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Vintage Ideas for a Picture Pretty Way of Life...


1. Nothing else in the world matters more than my family.
2. I can't be doing with Mariah Carey.
3. I always have flowers in my house.
4. And candles are lit as soon as my babba goes to bed.
5. I have been with Mark for fourteen years.
6. We still haven't got round to getting married.
7. Before our son was born we called my bump LilyFinn. Lily for a girl, Finn for a boy...
8. I still think my Lily is out there somewhere.
9. But Finley is exactly the child I imagined in my dreams.
10. I love him so much he makes me ache.
11. I love his dada just as much.
12. But that isn't to say that some days they don't drive me loopy.
13. I eat too much.
14. Mostly chocolate.
15. I love my hair, but my legs are unspeakable.
16. I can't go to bed without reading for a few minutes. Even when I'm half dead with exhaustion.
17. I'm very spoilt. I always get what I want.
18. I'm a real Daddys girl. He taught me evrything I know.
19. He says we've got the same noses. We haven't.
20. I call my Mom three or four times a day. It drives her mad.
21. But I'm sure she loves me as much as I love her.
22. I've got a very glamorous sister.
23. And a scrumptious nephew, Gabriel, that my Finley hero worships.
24. I watch MTV all the time. Not very peaceful I know.
25. I have a very bad magazine addiction.
26. My absolute favorite is Mary Englebreits Home Companion.
27. My favorite authors include Susan Minot, Anita Shreve and Anne Tyler.
28. My favorite book ever is "Bird by Bird" by Anne Lamott.
29. My dream is to be a published author.
30. Last year I won a national poetry competition judged by the poet laureate, Andrew Motion.
31. My poem was called "Adultery With Joan"
32. I've been planning "Brocantehome" in my dreams for years.
33. I used to own a shop called "Rooms"
34. It was utterly scrumptious, but running it nearly killed me.
35. I'm not very organised.
36. Sex and the City is my favorite programme ever.
37. Followed by Friends.
38. I'm not a very good drunk. I laugh too much and then fall asleep.
39. If I do drink, I'm a gin and lemonade kind of girl.
40. I have very vivid dreams that I remember like a film. Every single night.
41. Maybe I eat too much cheese.
42. It's my favorite food: I would die for a good piece of organic, mature cheddar.
43. Could be why I'm kind of Rubenesque.
44. I spent a year at art school. It was hell at the time, but heavenly in retrospect.
45. I love my soaps. Sadly I never miss Emmerdale.
46. I hated being pregnant. It was the worst nine months of my life.
47. I had a ceasarean and though convinced I would probably die, it was a breeze.
48. I do all my work sitting in my yellow armchair.
49. I drink a lot of tea.
50. I did communication and information technology at university. I got a 2:1 because I failed the information technology part.
51. I'm not wonderful with money.
52. I spend a lot on house things and forget to buy clothes.
53. I am a total homebody. If I have to go out two nights on the run, I have palpitations.
54. It drives Mark mad. He misses the party girl I used to be.
55. I miss her too.
56. My nana died when I was eighteen.
57. I wish she could have been here to meet my Finn.
58. Because of her I love Frank Sinatra.
59. Because of her I cover my eyes when something rude comes on the TV.
60. I used to think goats were the lovechildren of a union between a sheep and a cow. Seriously.
61. I've got a freckle on the middle finger of my left hand. I used to think God put it there to show me where my ring used to go.
62. I love being a Mum. It's the best job I've ever had.
63. I used to work with my Dad. He drove me nuts, but we had such good fun.
64. Mark worked with us. All my bestest men together. I loved it.
65. I am still obsessed with Robbie Williams.
66. Crystal Gayle songs make me cry. Instantly.
67. I also cry whenever a baby is born on the tv. Every time.
68. My sister Helen makes me laugh more than anyone else on the planet.
69. I once told her that I loved her but I wouldn't choose her as a friend. She was highly offended.
70. My Mum is astonishingly beautiful, but I look like my dad.
71. People tell me I look like Mark too. Good job we found each other.
72. I believe totally and utterly in fate.
73. Did I mention I can't stand Mariah Carey?
74. I love Doris Day films.
76. I can't listen to music in my car, cause I do all my best thinking there.
77. My school friends are still my best friends.
78. I get a lot of letters printed in magazines.
79. Mostly because they send you scrumptious prizes.
80. I'm dying for another baby.
81. The internet is another addiction of mine.
82. That and pictures of scary children.
83. If the house was on fire I'd save my journals and my gorgeous venetian mirror.
84. I'm aching to visit America.
85. I love all my new online friends. Blogging is fabulous!
86. I'm not scared of anything. Not any more.
87. I make a great quiche.
88. I adore John Galliano.
89. When I grow up I wanna be Martha Stewart.
90. I've never saved a penny. Not in my entire life.
91. I love my life.
92. I have no regrets. None whatsoever. Life is for learning...
93. I am cultivating eccentricity.
94. Simple Abundance changed my life.
95. I buy new stationery obsessively. Always have.
96. I have very high standards. I am constantly appalled by other people!!
97. I am a fabulous gossip. Now I've given up being the source of it.
98. I have no ambitions for my son. He can be anything he wants to be. I understand that he is a little person in his own right.
99. But I'm quite a strict mommy and we stick to our routines rigidly: so we have never, ever had a sleepless night, and Finley has never cried for more than five minutes. Ever.
100. I worry that I'm not interesting anymore.
101. But in the end if Finley loves Mark and I as much as I love my Mum and Dad that will be enough...